5 Best Paid and Hosted Ecommerce Platforms in UK

What ecommerce platform is the best choice for your business? Here are the 5 best paid and hosted ecommerce platforms in UK!

Analyzing, finding, and choosing the best ecommerce platform for your business can be a real challenge and a time-consuming process as well. Yes, you have plenty of freedom, however, you can easily feel overwhelmed and upset by the sheer variety of ecommerce platforms – unless you know exactly what differentiates one ecommerce platform from the next.

There are hosted ecommerce platforms and there are paid ecommerce platforms in UK that have to be taken into consideration.

We are going to present you the best ones with their pros and cons and help you decide which one is best for you and your business:


➢ Virtuemart

This is one of the most popular ecommerce solution in UK. Like any other ecommerce software solution, there are a few pros and cons of using this platform. Flexibility of the platform is represented by robust and adaptable features that can make users store management processes simpler and offer customers extra opportunities. The shop statistics options can help you analyze sales information by days, months, products, and etc. The downside is that this platform has an average inventory and invoicing systems.

➢ Shopify

A globally known hosted ecommerce platform. All users can build and run their own online stores (no special knowledge or skills are required) with pre-made themes. It is super easy for retailers to manage their inventory and promote their products effectively to their customers. When choosing your template, make sure to choose it carefully as some functionality is included in the themes. Also, there are content limitations – having lots of content is not something that Shopify supports.

➢ OpenCart

Another great ecommerce platform that is popular among the users within the UK. For a small price, the users have an opportunity to create the online store they want by using pre-made themes. The multiple payment options are safe and verified. The downsides are that the basic features available are limited and the fact that platform is not suitable for large scale business.


➢ BigCommerce

This platform supports more than 130.000 ecommerce websites and like Shopify it is charged on a monthly basis. You can choose from a huge range of templates (there are both free and paid templates available) to personalize your new store to your liking. All themes are high-quality and most of them provide a solid responsivity on the mobile devices which is really important. There are 4 different packages for you to choose from – Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. Each of these plans comes with great features, so it is up to you to decide which plan is most suitable for your business. The downside is that there is a limit on your annual online sales.

➢ WooCommerce

This platform is a dominating force in the industry and it supports more than 30% of the online stores. WooCommerce is a free plugin, powered by WordPress which is a leading content management system in the world and an ideal solution for anyone who is looking to sell products through their blog or WordPress website. It offers great features such as tax settings, delivery and coupon options, stock trading, payment gateways, and much more. The main drawback of WooCommerce is self-hosting.

Ecommerce Platforms in UK

Your business is one-of-a-kind and so are your needs and demands of the ecommerce solution you will be using. We hope this guide will give you a better understanding of the best ecommerce platforms UK has to offer but it is up to you to decide which one is the right fit for your business.

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